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Is Per Diem Work Right for You?

Is Per Diem Work Right for You?

Did someone ever ask you, “can you work on a per diem basis?” or “have you ever considered working per diem?” but not sure how it works? “Per diem” is a Latin word that means “per day” or “for each day.” In healthcare, it is a kind of role in which one’s working hours vary from week to week, depending on how much one prefers to work and how much work the healthcare facility needs.

Many healthcare professionals work per diem to get some extra money in addition to their full-time roles, but others choose to only work per diem shifts without having a full-time job. So why more and more healthcare professionals are choosing per diem roles?

1. Higher Pay Rate and Benefits

Per diem work pays better than full-time or part-time work since the pay is used as an incentive to fill up staff-to-patient ratios that are not being met, and the shifts may need to be filled at the last minute. Working on per diem is present in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and outpatient facilities. In addition, per diem roles are often qualified for the same benefits, like health insurance as regular, full-time employees. This can vary depending on the healthcare facility you would be assigned to.

2. Flexibility

The flexibility of per diem roles means you get to choose how frequently you work to make the ideal work-life balance for you. With this, you can work with the most comfortable schedule for you, may it be a day or night schedule, 3x/4x/5x a week, on weekends, name it!

3. Explore Various Hospitals/ Healthcare facilities

Per diem work provides the ability to work at multiple hospitals/ healthcare facilities. This is good if you want to work in different cities, states, or just like to explore a variety of healthcare settings. You may learn that you like the new technology of a certain facility more than the other that your career path changes direction. Choosing to advance your career in this way is yet another one of the benefits of working per diem.

4. Expand Your Skills and Knowledge

Working on per diem can expose you to various healthcare facilities – giving you the chance to compare and check the technology and processes that they have. You will be exposed to different environments, and you may pick the best practices for each working environment that you’ll be in. With this setup, per diem work is an exceptional opportunity for you to explore these options, without the need for a permanent commitment.


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