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60 Second interview with Pat Payne

We love hearing about what makes you, YOU! That means getting to know you both on a professional and personal level! What makes you tick, the simple that make you smile, and all that you enjoy about your job. 
Today we spent some time learning about Pat Payne, who let us in on their career journey and personal life.
1. Speciality:
2. What is the favourite thing about your job?
Making a difference in someone’s life.
3. How do you prepare for a long shift?
I try to be well rested, have a big cup of coffee, and check my attitude!
4. What advice would you give to someone starting out in your position?
Be patient with yourself. We’re all still learning.
5. What is your favourite thing about agency work?
Meeting people and making friends I never would’ve had the opportunity to meet otherwise.
6. What is your favourite thing to do whilst on a break?
I like to spend time with my daughter and our dog.
7. If you were to choose to start your career journey over again, what would you do?
I might’ve gone for my Master’s degree, but other than that, I wouldn’t change much.
8. Do you do anything to network with your peers? Any online events or similar that you would recommend?
I really don’t interact much with social media, but I do have a wide network of friends, and we communicate often.
9. Any recommendations for our readers on your favourite podcast/book/album?
I love reading about WW II, so years back I read a book called ‘We Band of Angels’ about the nurses trapped on the Bataan Peninsula by the Japanese. I would recommend it.
Thank you, Pat, for sharing your work and life with us!
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