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Greenstaff Journeys: An interview with Krishna Singh

We are hiring!
Here at Greenstaff Medical, we are always looking to speak to top talent across the world to join our ever-growing family. Rather than us telling you all the great things there is to hear about working with us, we have asked some of our recently promoted team about their career journey so far. 
We speak to Krishna who works for our US team about his experience with Greenstaff Medical to date. 
Hi Krishna! Thanks for taking the time to speak to us today. We already know which team you work for, could you tell us when you started working with the US?
March 2020. 
When you first joined, did you expect to be where you are today? 
I actually joined in April 2017 with another brand and have moved to different parts of the business. The company has been very flexible and have accommodated me in positions where I can show my strengths and succeed. I had open conversations with my current manager Vijay and our CEO Adrian which is great to be able to do. 
What position did you start out as?
I joined as a Team Lead. 
With your recent promotion, what are you now? 
Sales Manager.
What has been your biggest achievement so far? 
Being a part of Greenstaff Medical and stepping up the ladder has really been my biggest achievement. What more important is the environment Vijay (my senior lead) and the team has created has really blossomed. Serving the team and business has been a real honour for me and I am really happy at Greenstaff Medical.
We are currently hiring for positions based in your brand and office, what would you say to those who might be looking to work with us?
I would say it is an amazing place for your growth and has the best team environment.
Thanks so much Krishna for taking the time to speak to us, we will leave you now to get on with your day!
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