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60 Second interview with Bruce Piazza

We love getting to know you, both on a professional and personal level! What makes you tick, the simple that make you smile, and all that you enjoy about your job. Basically, we love hearing about what makes you, YOU!
Today we spent some time with Bruce Piazza, who let us in on his career journey and personal life.
1. Speciality:
RN psychology / Private duty 
2. What is the favourite thing about your job?
Helping those in need.
3. How do you prepare for a long shift?
Rest, nutrition, hygiene, and medication. 
4. What advice would you give to someone starting out in your position?
Choose an advanced specialty.
5. What is your favourite thing about agency work?
It provides for independence. 
6. What is your favourite thing to do whilst on a break?
Exercising breathing techniques.
7. If you were to choose to start your career journey over again, what would you do?
Become a physician.
Thank you, Bruce, for sharing your work and life with us!
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