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Immigrating to the USA

Immigrating to the USA

The US Department of Labor has classified registered nurses as Schedule A shortage occupations, making it easier for these professionals to immigrate to the US than those in other professions.

However, in order to immigrate to the US, a foreign-born RN must pass the NCLEX exam, pass an English proficiency test, secure a VisaScreen certificate, and have a US employer sponsor them.

Top questions from applicants to case managers

In order for a foreign-born RN to obtain a green card, she/he must go through a step-by-step green card process, which can be quite lengthy if not conducted effectively. Some of the top questions encountered during this process are outlined below:

How to add a dependant and any other significant life changes

We understand that healthcare professionals want to bring their spouse and children with them to the USA, and we will gladly file their visa petitions. However, there is a process to add a dependent if you are wanting to add a spouse or child. All dependants should be added at stage 3 of the process.

The required documents you need to provide is your dependants birth certificate, passport, and marriage certificate.

If you need to add a dependant after stage 3, inform your case manager which type of dependant you would like to add, eg new spouse or child.

Inform the CM what status your new dependant will be, or if your current dependants status needs to change on your petition.

Why is my case manager not responding?

Your case manager will respond to you as soon as they have an update. Refrain from emailing the same request multiple times or emailing other case managers not associated with your case, as important information might be overlooked.

When do I submit my I-140 documents?

It’s important to be efficient when submitting your I-140 documents to become a permanent residency (no more than 2 weeks from the date of requesting). Forgetting or sending unnecessary documentation can lead to drafting and filing delays.

Your official NCLEX pass letter is also needed for the attorney to file your petition.

Having all the correct documentation from the beginning makes things run smoothly and avoids delays. 

Can I expedite my embassy interview?

Simply put, the answer is yes, but you can only do this at stage 9b.

At stage 9b (documentarily qualified), you are currently waiting in line and should be the only time to request this. Any other stage will cause delays because not all documents are received, or fees paid. Do not do this before stage 9b.


Email with the following information: full name, date of birth, NVC case number, priority date, petitioners name, current address and phone number, and an explanation of why you are requesting to expedite your embassy interview.

The embassy and NVC make the decision to expedite – your case manager has nothing to do with the decision and can’t do or say anything to persuade the embassy.

Do I need to maintain my bedside experience throughout the immigration process?

Yes! Employers want you to be current and up to date. Each employers’ guidelines could be different, so please review your employers’ expectations and requirements at the time of your interview

You are expected to maintain a minimum of part time/PRN experience throughout your immigration process. You shouldn’t resign to focus on other requirements.

Can I transfer embassy locations?

This is a frequent question that pops up with people trying to transfer the embassy interview to the location they are currently living.


Best time to do this is stage 07a – 08b, because doing the transfer later on can have a delay on the process.


Send your proof of residency along with your request to transfer to a specific embassy to your case manager. Your case manager will send it to the attorney and will make the request.


If you are not currently living in that country and are unable to travel to your original embassy location. Those are the only reasons to make this request and is not something case managers want to do all the time.


The risk of transferring embassy locations can delay the process of receiving your embassy interview notice if it is done at a later stage than 07a – 09a. Transferring is usually not preferred as it slows down the entire process.

What do I need to do to prepare for my embassy interview?

The best advice you can get is to keep your appointment – it can take months to reschedule.

Should you have to reschedule in case of a crisis, please contact/ inform your case manager. They will guide you on best way to do that and should be no more than 3 days before your appointment.

Please make sure all dependants listed on the petition are in attendance - your case manager will email you with all the required documentation.

Getting you to the USA

Greenstaff Medical are global recruiters with offices and staff located all over the world recruiting for positions across the US. Our staff are working daily and are available to help support you on the next step of your career path.


Our first commitment is to provide the best possible service to our candidates which allows us to provide the best service to our employers.

  1. Initial inquiries fielded by our recruitment team
  2. Upon acceptance of your job offer, you are paired with a dedicated case manager
  3. At embassy interview stage, you are partnered with our relocation/onboarding coordinator
  4. Have a 24/7 response capability for all candidate enquiries

You will always be informed of next steps to be preparing proactively so that your application can proceed as quickly as possible

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