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Greenstaff loves…

Thanks for improving patient care, today, tomorrow, forever

Life has changed indelibly over this last year or so, but we’ve managed to get through it because of you.

Nurses and healthcare workers have proven just how much we need you and we cannot thank you enough for it. In spite of the pressures, you have improved patient care throughout, but have you taken the time to look after yourself?

We want to try help in any way that we can so we’ve put together a few bits and pieces that you might find helpful or useful. Have a look through the below resources and we hope this small thing helps to let you know just how very grateful we are.

Greenstaff Healthcare Hero of the Month

All nurses and allied healthcare professionals are special. You all do wonderful things. However, we want to introduce you to the wonders of just one of you at a time.

And to say thank you, we’re giving them a $50 gift voucher to say, “Thank you”.

This month, we want to celebrate…



Nurse Sasha is our Healthcare Hero for this month. She is with Greenstaff for the past two years and we have nothing but great words about her work and all the things she do!

Nurse Sasha always goes above and beyond to guarantee that her patients receive the best possible care. Her clinical expertise is exceptional, and she stays current with the most recent advancements in her area. Additionally, she is an exceptional communicator who can make difficult medical concepts understandable to patients. 

Her co-workers love her as she always has a helping hand. Her willingness to assist other nurses and staff members consistently fosters a friendly and cooperative work atmosphere.  

Her commitment to patient care and teamwork is truly inspiring, and it embody the values and mission of Greenstaff. We are mighty proud of you, Nurse Sasha!











Tierny is our Allied Healthcare Hero for this month and we are more than glad to have her part of the Greenstaff family. 

Tierny embodies the epitome of compassion and expertise in respiratory care, with a special focus on neonatal patients. Her unwavering commitment to the well-being of every individual is evident in their tireless efforts to provide exceptional care, particularly to the most vulnerable newborns. 

Her knowledge and profound dedication to patient care shines brightly as she navigates the intricacies of neonatal respiratory therapy, offering comfort and expertise to both patients and their families. Her work serves as a beacon of hope and healing, touching countless lives and inspiring others in the healthcare community. Tierny is not just a respiratory therapist, she’s a compassionate guardian of respiratory health, especially in neonatal care. 

We, at Greenstaff, are mighty proud of you Tierny and we are looking forward to working with you on more shifts and assignments in the future!

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As long as you are ready, so are we! 

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